Register for Stroller, High Chair and Car Seat Detailing

Posted on October 9, 2012


We’re always thinking about new items to add to our gift registry item database and are excited to announce our newest additions: Stroller Detailing, High Chair Detailing, and Car Seat Detailing.

We previously wrote about the topic of stroller (and other baby gear) detailing here.  Strollers, high chairs and car seats often get a lot of use and start to show wear and tear over time.  Detailing businesses provide services such as steam cleaning, fabric mending, power washing, tuning, inspection and lubrication of moving parts, repair, parts replacement, rust removal, and mold removal.

Baby gear detailing services may be a good registry item for you if:

  • You got a stroller for a great price at a garage sale, but it needs some love
  • You’ve been given some hand-me-downs that need a little cleaning and tuning-up to make them baby-ready
  • You pulled the stroller, high chair, or car seat (make sure it’s not past its expiration date) from your previous child out of storage and it needs refreshing
  • You don’t need it now, but you expect to put your baby gear through the ringer and you know know a good cleaning will be a nice treat down the line

See the Stroller Detailing registry item in action on our sample registry.  If you’re thinking about adding baby gear detailing services to your registry, first check to see if they are available in your area.  We’ve got a list of detailing services in our previous baby gear detailing post.  If you don’t see anything listed in your area, try doing a google search with the name of the city where you live along with terms like: stroller detailing, stroller cleaning service, car seat detailing, car seat cleaning service.

You may also find that you have a friend or family member who’s been detailing their own  baby gear and would happily detail yours as a gift (many baby gear detailing services originated from parents who started by detailing their own gear).  If you’re getting non-professional detailing, make sure to follow cleaning instructions in the product’s manual (check our Instructions/Manuals and Replacement Parts Index if you need to get the manual replaced).



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