Why Register With Encore Baby Registry?

First of all, some people ask, “Why create a registry at all?”  Here are a few reasons to create and share a list of what you need.

  • When friends and family hear there’s a baby on the way, they often want to give gifts and most of them will give gifts regardless of whether or not you create a registry
  • People want to give you gifts you can actually use
  • Registries help prevent overlapping and repeat gifts
  • Many baby products require specific accessories for compatibility so mismatched gifts may not be usable (a Boppy nursing pillow will not work with a My Breast Friend slipcover, a stroller car seat adaptor must be compatible with your brand of car seat)


Encore Baby Registry is easy to use and built to be flexible to meet a variety of needs. Here are some of the site features you’ll find.

Adding Items to Your Registry

  • Register for a mix of new, secondhand and hand-me-down baby items
  • Options to request baby gear to keep or on loan
  • Use the item pictures and descriptions provided, or upload your own
  • Add items from Amazon.com to your registry directly from our site
  • Create your own registry items to add absolutely anything to your registry
  • Include items like “help painting the nursery,” “meals for the family,” “dog walking,” “diaper service fund”
  • Find a variety of information on secondhand safety to help you decide which items to ask for new versus secondhand


Giving Gifts

  • Your guests can get gifts anywhere, allowing them to shop locally or give hand-me-downs, secondhand baby products, homemade goods, or gifts of time
  • Guests can find a variety of information on secondhand safety, shopping and etiquette in our Secondhand Scoop section.
  • Guests have the option to share pictures and descriptions of the baby products they are giving to help other guests give coordinating registry gifts.


Keeping Track of it All

  • Encore Baby Registry keeps track of what has been requested, what gifts have been given and what is still available to give
  • We also track who gave each gift and if it is a loan or to keep, so if you asked to borrow baby gear you can come back to the site when you are done with an item to see what next steps to take
  • Gift givers may choose to remain anonymous until the baby’s “expected arrival date” and their name will not be revealed to you until that date


Saving Money and Helping the Planet

  • Asking for a mix of new, homemade, secondhand, and hand-me-down gifts, as well as non-material gifts (like the gift of time) can save money for both you and your guests.  Gift givers can spend less while still getting more, which means you’ll get more of the items on your wish list.  Gifts of time like dog walking or a home cooked meal also save money when you may have otherwise found yourself needing to order takeout or hire outside help.
  • Including homemade, secondhand, hand-me-down, and non-material gifts on your registry reduces waste on several levels: production, packaging, distribution, and disposal.