Encore Baby Registry Privacy Policy

Encore Baby Registry based in Berkeley, California is herein referred to as Encore Baby Registry, LLC, “Encore Baby Registry”, or “Encore”.  “Content” is defined in the accompanying Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement.


By your use of the services and Content on Encore’s website, encorebabyregistry.com, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.   Encore reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, in its sole discretion, without prior notification.  It is your sole responsibility to review this Privacy Policy regularly.  Your continued use of Encore Baby Registry services and Content after modifications represents your agreement to any modifications to the  Privacy Policy.  Please see our Terms and Conditions of Use for further information regarding your responsibilities associated with your account, access and use of Encore Baby Registry.com.


Our Privacy Policy outlines Encore Baby Registry’s policy regarding personal information and general and user generated information collected in the creation of accounts and the use of our services and Content.

Intended Users

Encore Baby Registry is intended for persons over age 18 unless given parental consent.  Encore Baby Registry does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 18 as this site and its content and services are not intended for said group. Encore Baby Registry will take all reasonable measures to delete information associated with said users.

Information & Data Collected

Personal information submitted by you in the creation of baby registries are different from user content submitted by you in your use of said registries, services, and content.

Personal Information required to be submitted by you in the creation of baby registries may include name, email, city of residence, state of residence, and passwords.

Other general and user content generated information collected in your use of said registries may be direct or indirect. Direct information and data collected may be anything, which occurs when you interact with Encore Baby Registry and utilize the Content and services provided. For example, when you: Contact us; Participate in Encore Baby Registry online forums; Add content and edit your Registries; Interact with Encore Baby Registry through social networking sites; or Sign up for newsletters.

Like many websites, indirect information and data collection occurs each time you access Encore Baby Registry’s website; this occurs in some instances mechanically. For example: information about how our website is used by you through cookies, Internet tags or web beacons, and navigational data, i.e. “click stream” occurs; we also receive automatically in some cases your ISP (Internet Service Provider’s address), your IP/Address (internet protocol or IP address) [an IP address is a number assigned to you by your ISP so you can access the internet and is generally considered to be non-personally identifiable information], the web page URL from which you came, and the browser version your computer is using.

Encore has third party advertising partners. In the interest of keeping Encore Baby Registry free for all, Encore works with advertisers on our site. These third-party advertisers may utilize cookies or other similarly based tools to measure the usefulness of their ads and to improve them by applying interest based advertising. This non-identifiable information may include your visits to Encore Baby Registry, your preference of items selected, and advertisements shown including frequency of said advertisements.

Information and Data Use and Disclosure

Except as described above with respect to advertisers on encorebabyregistry.com, Encore Baby Registry does not for commercial purposes disclose or sell your personal information to third parties.  In addition, Encore will not use your personal information to send you unsolicited sales communications.  However, certain information can be aggregated, therefore splitting data from personally identifying information (and therefore ceasing to be personal information).  Encore reserves the right to use or share any such aggregated data or information with marketing partners and/or advertisers. In the event that personal information could be disclosed in the process of fulfilling Encore Baby Registry functions, such as security, maintenance, and services, they will be contractually restricted from using this information in any way that deviates from their intended access and use.

Other general and user content generated information, direct or indirect, collected in your use of Encore Baby Registry is used for but not limited to enhancing our ability to improve our services and Content by customization, providing targeted information and advertising, responding to user inquires, improving customer service, and analyzing and managing our business; further this may be done in conjunction with third parties which may necessitate the sharing of said information.

Other reasons for disclosure of information (personal and/or general and user content generated information, direct or indirect) are as follows:

Encore Baby Registry provides the option for users to password protect their Baby Registries (different from user passwords, used by you to create and alter your registry). Password protection ensures that only the creator of the Baby Registry and their selected guests are allowed to see the content and associated information with the Registries. Note however, this would require the user to supply this password to their guests to allow access to the Baby Registry.

If you create your Baby Registry without a password it will be viewable and accessible online by others including your guests. Information also posted in general sections of Encore Baby Registry, such as message boards, will be open to the public.

Encore Baby Registry may also provide information for and in response to or to comply with the law, law enforcement, court orders, or other legal processes or to protect the interests or safety of its users, Encore Baby Registry, or the general public, including the need to investigate, prevent or act against fraud or other illegal activity.

If Encore Baby Registry offers to sell, or is in negotiations to sell all or any of its business, Encore reserves the right to disclose user information to a prospective buyer.  User information  will be included in any sale of Encore Baby Registry; but until consummated said prospective buyer will be contractually required to adhere to the safeguards of this Privacy Policy.


Encore Baby Registry takes reasonable measures to protect personally identifiable information you transmit to our site and to protect said information from disclosure, misuse, and unauthorized access. Additionally, Encore Baby Registry allows you to delete your registry and/or your account upon completion (Note: Deleted registries and/or accounts may exist for up to 30 days in case users change their mind or for user retrieval purposes; after 30 days deletion will be permanent). However, Encore Baby Registry cannot and will not be responsible for unauthorized access through illegal means to said information. Please also read our terms of use, which include disclaimers, limitations of liability, and indemnity, regarding your use of Encore Baby Registry and the information you submit.