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What People Are Saying

“It’s an idea whose time has come!”
Baby Cheapskate

“Baby gets everything she needs and you get to feel less guilty about where it all came from: It’s a win-win.”
Tree Hugger

“Brilliant idea.”
510 Families

“This is so fabulous! I am stoked about the concept of your website!…I am a huge supporter of reusing and recycling what we already have!”
Shannon, Just Between Friends Consignment Sale Scottsdale Owner

“I was so excited to find the site.  It was exactly what I was looking for to complete our baby wish list!”
Registrant, Seattle, WA

“I really love the site. It is exactly what I was looking for: not a ‘big box’ store; not asking for all new items; able to link to different websites. I heard about it through a friend and will be sure to spread the word.”
Registrant, San Francisco, CA

“When my friends were planning my baby shower, going second hand/or handmade were the only ways I could even contemplate doing it (plus, the idea of walking into a babies r us completely terrifies me!)
I was thrilled to find your site, and we honestly got so much more stuff because people were passing it down, versus spending a ton of money on overrated new stuff. I was shocked to read a recent stat that most parents to be spend 6k to 12k just getting ready for their baby—-we were able to spend less than $1000 (including a complete nursery overhaul) because of your site, and a few key craigslist finds—-plus, we don’t have a new little consumer before he’s even born. I have literally been telling everyone about your site and now all of my friends who saw how great it worked and loved it are going to start using it too. GREAT idea”
Registrant, Kutztown, PA

“Thanks for the help! And for the great site! It was such a relief to find a place to register for used items!”
Registrant, Chicago, IL

“I love the idea of this site.  I like that I don’t have to endorse a specific store and that my friends who have already had kids can give us their hand-me-downs.”
Registrant, Newark, DE

“This is such a nice free resource that helps in so many ways.  I like that there are lists of possible items to register for provided, and especially nice that I can add my own items and photos.  It will be awesome to be able to refer to the ‘gifts given’ list so I know when and whom to return my [borrowed] items.”
Registrant, Grand Rapids, MI

“Encore Baby Registry is genius! I’m having my 4th and don’t need all the new stuff people tell you you do, but still would appreciate some help for some of the little odds and ends. So it’s great and I look forward to sharing it with friends.”
Registrant, Santa Barbara, CA

“I’m so happy to be using Encore Baby Registry! I was very pleased to find it because one of the things (like so many things in our culture) about having a baby is that it has been so commercialized. Encore Baby Registry allows people to help you get the essentials you need without breaking the bank or generating lots of new “stuff” in the world that doesn’t need to exist. I also love that we could link to a diaper and housecleaning services so that people can offer “help” instead of more things (that we frankly probably don’t need). Both my husband & I have lots of friends & family that live out of town, so its nice that they can also give the gift of help through your registry.
Thank you for this wonderful service- I’ve been talking it up to other friends because I really believe in reuse as one of the most valuable forms of protecting the environment that often gets overlooked because it’s not as sexy as things that come in new packaging”
Registrant, Seattle, WA