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Baby Hand-Me-Downs get Embraced by Technology


Berkeley, CA, August 01, 2011– Initiated last year, Felicity Hernandez’s second baby was born. This “baby” however was her brain-child in the form of a website. is the first online baby registry focusing on hand-me-downs and secondhand items that actually works and feels like a standard baby registry. It is not standard however.

Like many other expecting mothers Felicity began the ritual of preparing for her first baby shower, yet there was a problem. Surrounded by family and friends and offers of used baby gear, she had questions: about what to accept, how to manage them, and how to incorporate them into her baby registry. She began online, looking to see if there was an existing baby registry to facilitate this process. Surprisingly, there wasn’t. The alternative registries weren’t easy to use and were time consuming, and the box store baby registries could not be personalized. She muddled through the process unsatisfied but came away from it with a desire to improve the practice of online hand-me-down and secondhand baby gift giving. The end result is a baby registry for all mothers who wish to have the sophistication of a standard registry, but the flexibility to include used and new items.

About Encore Baby Registry, LLC

Focusing on Hand-Me-Downs and Secondhand baby gift giving, Encore Baby Registry is a free online baby registry. provides an intuitive gift management and gift tracking system, allows personalization, and is an online resource for hand-me-downs and secondhand gift giving.

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