Where to Find Secondhand Baby Gifts: Our Top 5 + 1 List

#1: Ask Around

If you don’t have hand-me-down baby items to give as a gift, ask co-workers, friends or family members.  To reach a large audience quickly, post what you’re looking for on your social media account or on local online pages like Nextdoor and local Facebook groups. It’s highly likely that someone in your circle or local online community has and is no longer using that (soon to be) perfect baby gift.  How many times have items floated around your house no longer needed, but not discarded, just waiting to be dealt with?  Your asking may be the invitation they’ve been hoping for.

#2: Go Garage Sale-ing

Find great deals, flexible prices (let’s face it, you can’t bargain or haggle at Target), and sometimes brand new stuff at secondhand prices. Remember, if you don’t ask (See #1) that perfect baby gift will probably end up here.

#3: Explore a Charity-Run Thrift Store

Support a worthy cause and go shopping at a charity-run thrift store for baby gifts at great prices.  Check our Secondhand Store Directory for thrift stores in your area and add any of your favorites that we’ve missed to our map.

#4: Visit a Children’s Consignment Shop

If you don’t find the thrill of the thrift store hunt so thrilling, check out a children’s consignment shop, where you will find a store dedicated to used children and baby items.  The standards for what is accepted are usually high at consignment shops.  The range of baby items carried varies by store.  Some only sell baby and children’s clothes, while others sell a variety of children’s clothes, baby gear (swings, bouncers, strollers, etc.), breastfeeding supplies, toys, and maternity clothes.  Check our Secondhand Store Directory for consignment stores in your area and add any of your favorites that we’ve missed to our map.

#5: Attend a Local Clothing Swap

Clothing swaps are becoming more common and are happening in cities across the country.  A small entrance fee (often around $5) is usually charged.  Bring a bag of used clothes that you or your children no longer wear, and leave with a bag of clothes you picked out from other people’s contributions.  Don’t have clothes to swap?  Many swaps offer the purchase of an empty bag to fill if you’d like to participate.  Some swaps are also fundraisers, so your entrance fee may be supporting a great cause or organization.

Plus 1: Look Online

Already tired just thinking about hoofing it in search of that perfect secondhand baby gift?  Never fear, website alternatives are here.

Craigslist describes itself as, “Local classifieds and forums – community moderated, and largely free.”  The site has sections for listings of items for sale as well as items that people are giving away for free.

With more than 94 million active users buying and selling on Ebay, you’re likely to find several variations (and then some) of the baby gift you’re looking for.

Nextdoor describes itself as “the free private social network for your neighborhood community.”  Verify that you live in the neighborhood and then join users in your area for discussions, local news and other location-based posts.  They’ve got a “for sale and free” section where you can post an “in-search-of” (ISO) listing and also view items that your neighbors are selling or giving away.

  • Join a local Facebook group

It’s amazing what happens when people share a need and just ask (going back full circle to tip #1)!  Local Facebook groups are a great place to quickly reach a large audience of people in your direct vicinity, without ever leaving the house.  Try searching on Facebook for the name of your city or community and look for group themes of local families, gifting, trading, buying and selling, and other related terms.