Amazingly Eloquent Spoken Word by New Mom

Posted on July 9, 2013

Poet and mother, Hollie McNish, speaks out about attitudes towards breastfeeding in public in this powerful spoken word video.  She wrote this poem as a new mother to her daughter, who is now three.

From her video description on YouTube:

I wrote this poem in a public toilet after my 6 month old baby fell asleep. I was in town on my own a lot with her and the first time I fed her someone commented that I should stay home. Baby’s need breastfed every 2-3 hours often. It’s impossible to run home. It’s a stupid argument anyway. But I was embarrassed and for 6 months took her into toilets when I was alone without the support of boyfriend, friends, mum etc. I hate that I did that but I was nervous, tired and felt awkward. And now I find it weird that our TVs, media etc never show breastfeeding in soaps, cartoons, anything. That we and the US are so bloody scared of it… (read more, including the written poem)

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