Two Simple Accessories that Turn Any Bag into a Diaper Bag

Posted on January 11, 2019

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There are two things that change a “bag” into a “diaper bag.”  The first is the presence of plenty of storage pockets.  The second is a removable portable changing pad.  Luckily, both of these things can be purchased separately, allowing parents to convert any bag or purse into a diaper bag.

Step 1: Grab a Bag You Love

Whether it’s a purse, messenger bag, backpack, reusable shopping bag or some other type of bag, you’ve likely already got the base for the perfect diaper bag.

Step 2: Add Storage Pockets

Reading customer reviews on Amazon of each product can very helpful and may offer tips of what to look for in a diaper bag organizer.  For example, parent reviewers shared on one diaper bag organizer that the sides do not stand up on their own, making it very difficult to use.  Another bag organizer had stiffer sides, but reviewers shared that the bottoms of the dividers are not stitched to the bottom of the diaper bag organizer, allowing things to shift to different compartments, rather than keeping them organized.

Step 3: Add a Portable Changing Pad

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