Stay Vocal Reroutes Brand New Clothes Headed For Destruction

Posted on July 25, 2012

Did you know that tons of brand new clothes are shredded into rags, burned in incinerators, or otherwise destroyed each year?  There are plenty of ways that brand new clothes become obsolete: brands go out of business, orders are misprinted, department stores move old merchandise out to make room for new styles, and swag for both teams in a championship is manufactured with the understanding that half of it will be discarded.  While it’s true that some of these clothes go overseas, the supply is much greater than the demand.

Stay Vocal, a re-use clothing company, has vowed to rescue some of these items from their wasteful fate by adding their own design, covering any prints that make the items otherwise unsaleable and putting them back on the market.  They also save surplus apparel from thrift stores that find themselves shredding, incinerating or otherwise discarding perfectly good clothes because supply of donated clothes often greatly outweighs demand by thrift store shoppers (read more about that here).

In sticking with their re-use mission, Stay Vocal upcycles more than just clothes.  They print orders on the back of paper from the recycling bin, print shipping labels on scrap paper, make their business cards out of old t-shirts, and ship orders in upcycled cereal boxes or other re-used packaging.

Although they focus on t-shirts, we found some baby gear as well.  Check out these bodysuits rescued from a clothing brand that went out of business.


This messenger bag has plenty of room for diapers, wipes and gear.

Speaking of wipes

Or maybe you’d like a little something for yourself.  With an oversized shirt and a ruching tutorial, you can create an awesome super green maternity shirt.

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