Preemie Clothing Boxes – A Helpful SF Bay Area Service for Parents of Preemies

Posted on October 25, 2011

KinderCycle is an organization that hosts swaps for baby and kids’ stuff in the San Francisco Bay Area (learn more about their next swap). When I heard about their Preemie Box program, it sounded like such a wonderful idea. Parents of preemies have enough to worry about without the added chore of shopping for an often unexpected new wardrobe for their baby. I contacted Jennifer Pesetsky, founder of KinderCycle, to learn more about their Preemie Box program:

Encore Baby Registry: What is a Preemie Box?

Jennifer Pesetsky: A preemie box is a shoe box filled with preemie clothes. After each KinderCycle swap, some of the leftovers are preemie clothes, I separate those out and make shoeboxes containing about 20 pieces of clothes each. I have boxes for girls and boxes for boys.

EBR: How did the Preemie Box program start?

JP: My daughter was a preemie. She was born by emergency c-section at 35 weeks (after a planned homebirth!) She was in the NICU for nine days and was too small for 0-3 month clothes for at least a month or two. (I seem to have blocked that memory.) I still wanted to dress her in clothes that fit her and looked good on her. We had a few friends who lent us preemie clothes to get us through until she fit in 0-3 month clothes. We didn’t have time to go shopping and I didn’t feel like we needed to own new preemie clothes because I knew that my daughter would not be in those clothes for very long. So, borrowing them from friends made sense to me. Fast forward a few months… When I started KinderCycle, I knew that I wanted to have a component that gave back to the preemies in my community so I started the Preemie Box program.

EBR: Who can borrow a Preemie Box?

JP: Anyone in Alameda County can borrow a preemie box. If I have a few preemie boxes on hand, I will deliver some of the clothes to the Alta Bates NICU where my daughter spent time.

EBR: How can parents borrow a Preemie Box?

JP: Get in touch with me – or call me at 510-967-5467. I, or a KinderCycle volunteer, will drop off a box at your house or at the hospital and you can return it to me when your preemie has outgrown the clothes.

EBR: Do you take donations of preemie clothes?

JP: YES!! If you have preemie clothes, I’d be happy to take them to pass along to other families who have a new preemie in their lives.

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