Just Between Friends Mega-Consignment Events

Posted on April 11, 2012

Last year I learned about Just Between Friends, a maternity and children’s consignment sale franchise that holds mega-consignment sale events across the US.  Sales are generally held at each location twice a year and are a great place to get all kinds of secondhand maternity, baby, and children’s gear.  Here are some of my takeaways from my visit to Just Between Friends consignment sales in two cities near me:

The Earlier You Go, the Better

Items are priced by individual consignors, so the twelve Bumbos at a sale may have a variety of prices.  Items that are priced to sell, do, so the sooner you get to the sale, the more likely you are to get the best deals.  Popular items also sell out before the sale is over.  If you go earlier, you’ll have greater selection and will be more likely to find all the items on your shopping list.

An Exception to My Go Early Tip

Consignors are given the option to drop their items to half-price as the sale comes to an end (start day/time of price drop varies by location).  If you missed some of the great deals on day one (or maybe you just want to go back for more!) you are still likely to find some exceptional deals, although you may have to be more flexible with your shopping list since the selection won’t be nearly as big as it was on opening day.

Photo courtesy of Just Between Friends Denver

The More You Put In, the More You Get Out

Just Between Friends consignment events wouldn’t be possible without consignors and volunteers to help organize merchandise and run the event, so it’s only fitting that event hosts reward participation.  Consignors and volunteers are invited to early-bird and pre-sale shopping hours.  Consignors who volunteer are often given a higher percentage of sales on their items.  Volunteering is also a great way to meet other families.

Check to See if You Are Eligible for Early Entry

Some Just Between Friends consignment sales events offer early admission to first time parents, first time grandparents, adoptive parents, foster parents, teachers, daycare providers, and/or military families.  Check the website of the sale nearest you to see what is being offered.

Check for Admissions and/or Parking Coupons

Depending on the event location, there may be a small admission fee (often around $3).  Many event hosts offer coupons for free admission.  Events being held at venues that charge for parking may also offer free parking coupons.  Check the website of the sale nearest you for admissions pricing and available coupons.

Photo by Luticia Lopes Photography, courtesy of Just Between Friends Central Florida

Remember That It’s a Consignment Sale

If you go into a Just Between Friends consignment sale expecting rock bottom, garage sale prices, you’ll most likely be disappointed.  It’s important to remember what you’re getting for the small premium you’ll pay: convenience, vast selection, one-stop-shopping, and high quality items (items are inspected before being accepted onto the sales floor, so you won’t have to sift through junk to find what you’re looking for).

Photo courtesy of Just Between Friends Tulsa

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  1. Denise says:

    I absolutely LOVE JBF! A great way to make some money back on outgrown, but gently worn items!

  2. Carla says:

    Looking forward to another productive Coeur d Alene, Idaho JBF event! Great way for my daughter to make $$$ for new clothes by selling all her outgrown favorites. Always a great event!

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