Turn Any Bag Into a Diaper Bag With Two Simple Accessories

Posted on August 21, 2013

There are two things that change a “bag” into a “diaper bag.”  The first is the presence of plenty of storage pockets.  The second is a removable portable changing pad.  Luckily, both of these things can be purchased separately, allowing parents to convert any bag or purse into a diaper bag.

Step 1: Add Storage Pockets

The first two diaper bag organizers shown here come in a variety of sizes to fit different bags and also come with a portable changing pad, so you can skip step two.

Reading the reviews on Amazon of each product is very helpful.  The diaper bag organizers below, for example, did not impress the parents who bought them.  The one on the left is very affordable, but reviewers shared that the sides do not stand up on their own, making it very difficult to use.  The organizer on the right has stiffer sides, but reviewers shared that the bottoms of the dividers are not stitched to the bottom of the diaper bag organizer, allowing things to shift to different compartments, rather than keeping them organized.

Some parents find success with “bag organizers,” which are not designed specifically with diapering in mind.  These are often cheaper than organizers marketed to parents for diaper bags.

Zippered pouches are another option for turning any bag or purse into a diaper bag.

Like walled diaper bag organizers, zippered pouch organizers that are not specifically designed for diaper bags are often cheaper than those marketed to parents and may be able to serve the same purpose. Make sure you have a good understanding of the size of the bags, as it can be hard to tell from just a picture, especially when there is nothing in the picture compare the bag to.

 Step 2: Add a Portable Changing Pad

Some portable changing pads come with attached pockets and zippered pouches. Depending on how much stuff you are bringing with you, one of these deluxe portable changing pads may be enough, allowing you to skip step one.

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