Trying to Choose a Stroller? This May Save Your Sanity

Posted on December 20, 2012

A stroller can be an invaluable parental command center when on the go, but shopping for one is dizzying process.  Hollie Schultz, mother of three, makes it easier with her Baby Gizmo video reviews.

Here are some of the reasons we love Baby-Gizmo’s videos:

  • Features: Hollie walks viewers through all of the features of each stroller, demonstrating each one.
  • Specs: As Hollie is showing various stroller features, she also includes specs like handlebar height, seat height and width, child weight capacity, stroller weight, and wheel size.
  • Model Upgrade Information: Some stroller review videos also include information about changes that have been made to the stroller since the previous make of the same model.
  • Comparison Information: Hollie includes general comparisons for similar strollers with regards to weight, basket size and other stroller specifications.  She also explains the difference between different stroller models by the same company in some review videos.
  • Real Life Props: Hollie shows her children sitting in the stroller and often demonstrates putting a diaper bag in and out of the stroller basket.
  • Extra Information: Sure, the stroller specs will tell you the weight capacity and seat size, but what does that actually mean?  Hollie throws in helpful explanations like, “This stroller holds up to a 55 pound child.  That’s like a fourth grader.”
  • Well Paced Information: Hollie talks fast enough to get in a lot of information, but not so fast that it’s hard to keep up.
  • Pros and Cons:  Stroller review videos include positives as well as negatives, or possible areas of improvement for each stroller.

The often overwhelming process of stroller shopping is made more manageable by narrowing down your options with Baby Gizmo’s video stroller reviews before heading out to try strollers in person.  The videos are a huge step up from looking at pictures of strollers online and easier to digest than going to a baby store and trying to view all the features and specs in a sea of strollers.  Since baby gear shopping in general can be stressful, Hollie also reviews a variety of other baby products in video format.

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